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My Story

Hello, thank you for visiting! I have been a Massage Therapist for many years. As a side job, I provided therapeutic massage to many musicians at various venues backstage (I still do occasionally).  My main "day" job was working for a Massage franchise. After many years I found myself getting burned out from the pace and pressure.  I had to make a change, so I opened my own Massage Center. I was very happy with this decision for many years.

After the pandemic, I found myself needing another change. I wanted to spend the majority of my time focused on providing Massage Therapy to my clients and learning new modalities, and less time managing employees. I found this beautiful new space and decided to share it with other independent Massage Therapists. Now I can truly focus on my true passion, massage therapy.

Each Massage Therapist that calls Lakes Massage Suites home has their own treatment room unique to them. We are a dedicated group of Independent Massage Therapists, each with a valuable skillset and a deep passion to help people through Massage.  I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope you find the perfect Massage Therapist to help you live your best life.  Andrea M Cole, LMT

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